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Zone: Muire Tomb

A total of 5010 monsters were killed here in Muire Tomb and that resulted in a total of 507 dropped items that equipped our brave heroes. The average droprate for this zone is then 10.12%.

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NameLevel fromLevel toAggroTotal killedPlayers killedDeadlinessDroprateAvg kill value
Alsandair Muire1717aggressive370weak enemy5.41 %29s 99c
Beare Muire1818aggressive320weak enemy9.38 %31s 78c
carrion scorpionida1516aggressive310weak enemy0 %5s 49c
Conaire Muire1819aggressive790weak enemy0 %
corpse devourer1718aggressive37216easy prey0 %6s 66c
crypt spider1112neutral20314easy prey8.37 %5s 52c
death worm1415aggressive25112easy prey0 %4s 71c
Hellhag1415aggressive6014hard opponent8.33 %6s 16c
Kacey Muire1818aggressive901weak enemy6.67 %19s 33c
Muire Champion1920aggressive40712weak enemy11.55 %67s 40c
Muire herbalist1819aggressive967easy prey0 %5s 25c
Muire Hero1920aggressive55833easy prey9.5 %22s 11c
Muire lady-in-waiting1516aggressive6153weak enemy10.41 %17s 44c
Muire man-at-arms1617aggressive1401weak enemy8.57 %17s 11c
mummy hag1114aggressive677152hard opponent20.97 %5s 33c
mummy hag wizard1718aggressive561weak enemy0 %2s 23c
murkman1516aggressive30315easy prey10.23 %17s 22c
Quillan Muire2324aggressive149not enough data0 %1s 11c
Scorpionida Regina1718aggressive120not enough data0 %7s 17c
Shyena Muire2021aggressive400weak enemy25 %64s 58c
spraggonite1010aggressive10not enough data0 %73c
suitor spirit1516aggressive23233equal opponent6.47 %7s 95c
tomb creeper1417aggressive50190hard opponent16.97 %19s 33c
tomb dweller1919aggressive2033weak enemy7.39 %9s 54c