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Zone: Vanern Swamp

A total of 1294 monsters were killed here in Vanern Swamp and that resulted in a total of 136 dropped items that equipped our brave heroes. The average droprate for this zone is then 10.51%.

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NameLevel fromLevel toAggroTotal killedPlayers killedDeadlinessDroprateAvg kill value
black orm3637aggressive1530weak enemy23.53 %
broken jotun5152aggressive265hard opponent15.38 %26s 44c
chameleon-frog5152aggressive50not enough data0 %
clay jotun4244aggressive450weak enemy11.11 %2g 83s 18c
clay jotun guard4646aggressive50not enough data0 %
clay jotun hunter4848aggressive10not enough data100 %69g 85s 44c
clay jotun retainer4747aggressive20not enough data100 %34g 92s 72c
clay jotun runner4848aggressive60not enough data0 %
crippled jotun5353aggressive11not enough data0 %
dark seithkona initiate4646aggressive130not enough data0 %
enslaved orm runner4343aggressive10not enough data0 %
forest spider5153aggressive132not enough data15.38 %
forest spider queen5353aggressive30not enough data0 %
forest spider runner5353aggressive40not enough data0 %
forest viper4344aggressive283equal opponent7.14 %29s 28c
Freyana4747aggressive30not enough data0 %
green frog5152aggressive70not enough data0 %
green orm4040aggressive250easy prey0 %17s 60c
hagbui berserker4950aggressive2232weak enemy10.76 %10s 40c
hagbui forge tender3838neutral210easy prey0 %38s 10c
hagbui guard4041aggressive181not enough data0 %15s
hagbui herald3839neutral200not enough data5 %30s
hagbui page3737neutral50not enough data0 %8s
hagbui runemaster4546aggressive392easy prey5.13 %42s 23c
hagbui shaman3636aggressive500weak enemy10 %37s 61c
hagbui spiritmaster4546aggressive481weak enemy6.25 %25s 42c
hagbui squire4040neutral100not enough data0 %
hagbui swordbearer3637neutral300weak enemy20 %10g 83s 5c
hagbui thane5050aggressive835easy prey7.23 %7g 77s 48c
large enslaved orm5051aggressive90not enough data0 %
large enslaved orm runne5353aggressive10not enough data0 %
large enslaved orm runner4950aggressive81not enough data0 %
Ljagnid494910not enough data0 %
Major Terentius5353aggressive10not enough data0 %
Mista4545aggressive40not enough data0 %
mud crab3737aggressive1730weak enemy11.56 %
mud crab warrior3939aggressive211easy prey14.29 %
mud frog3436neutral1460weak enemy7.53 %
Noma Rindasdottir4040neutral20not enough data0 %
sidhe gaoite3737neutral90not enough data22.22 %68s 81c
small black orm3738aggressive160not enough data6.25 %6s 25c
timber cat3839neutral140not enough data0 %47s 69c
undead minion4343aggressive10not enough data0 %