Visiting Ramos Pinto in Porto

GS6A1669Casa Ramos Pinto was founded in 1880 by Adriano Ramos Pinto. Ramos Pinto had their biggest market in Brazil and was in the 20th century responsible for half of the wine export to South America. Ramos Pinto have since 1990 been a part of the Roederer Group. 

GS6A1808A few vintage bottles on display in the lobby.

GS6A1809The lobby room where the wine tasting also takes place.

GS6A1811Behind the customer counter of the old offices that are still standing with the original interior.

GS6A1814A for the time modern lift was used instead of rolling the casks up and down to the cellar.

GS6A1816A cask with the Ramos Pinto logo

GS6A1817A small selection of their vintage collection, this is mostly bottles from the 80’s and is a part of a corking experiment where different types of corks and methods are tested over a long period.


A view down along the casks full of port wine.

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