Visiting Offley in Porto


Offley was founded in London in 1737 by William Offley, the company started out as a wine merchant, Offley was soon exporting wines and later began to produce its own Porto Wine.

Joseph James Forrester joined the company in the 1830’s and his entire adult life in Portugal was devoted to the Douro river and Porto Wine. Forrester was the first to chart the Douro River and Valley, an accomplishment that earned him recognition from and entry into various European Geography and Art societies.

Sogrape Vinhos merged with Forrester & Cª., Holder of Offley.


Offley have very long and what seems to be endless cellars of casked port.

GS6A1764Some of the tunnels have a slightly lower temperature than those under the wooden roofs.

GS6A1765GS6A1766The large vats with 13000 Litre of Tawny port in each.

GS6A1767More casks with Tawny port.


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