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Albani – Citra Witbier – Belgisk hvedeøl

I bought this 500 ml can at 5,2% in a Danish supermarket at the price of 2 Euro. 

Albani Brewery is located in Odense, Denmark and was established in 1859 by three local business owners and of these the most famous is Theodor Schiøtz. Albani expanded in Odense and also bought up another nine breweries in Denmark over the course of almost 100 years. In 2000 Albani became a part of Royal Unibrew and remains there today.

Light yellow in the colour, a few heavy pieces of sediment floats around but generally you can see through it.

Medium sized head with a fine structure and top. The foam stays on the beer for a good while with a thin suitable layer.

Powerful citrus and flowery aroma, a note of sweetness to it.

Low CO2, sweet at first with all the fruit but that quickly changes when the coriander and citrus fruits kick through along with the bitterness of the hops.

Overall rating 76 / 100


Brasserie Du Bocq – Blanche de Namur

The first beer from Brasserie Du Bocq was from 1858 when Martin Belot, a farmer in Purnode, Belgium started brewing. The Brewery was incorporated into a limited company in 1949. The production reached 104,000 hectoliters in 2015.

I bought this 4.5%, 330 ml bottle of beer in a local supermarket in Odense, Denmark at the price of 2.5 Euro.

Light yellow and white in the colour.

Large head with a rough structure and a fine foam top.

Sweet fruit, some flowers and spiced hops in the aroma.

Low CO2, sweet taste with a light and fresh after taste. Slightly hoppy in the end.

Overall rating 80 / 100

E.C. Dahls Bryggeri – Lamo Wit

E.C. Dahls Brewery was founded in 1856 by Erich Christian Dahl in Trondheim, Norway. In 1966 the brewery merged with Aktiebryggeriet at Lademoen, where it is still located today.

I bought this Belgian inspired wit from Oslo Airport in Norway, the price was 4,5 Euro for a 330 ml bottle at 5,2%

Filtered beer with a light yellow colour and an ever so slightly haziness.

Small head with a rough structure. A thin layer of fine foam stays on the top.

Medium strength aroma that has a real delicious sweet fruit to it. Subtle but very inviting.

Powerful CO2, fresh, fruity and a tiny bit on the thin side. Shows no signs of bitterness or soapiness as some wit beer can. A good beer that is easy to drink and tastes great. After taste is faint but yet pleasing.

Overall rating 84 / 100

Løkken Bryghus – Badehus – Witbier

Løkken brewery dates back to 1867 where the brewer Anders Christian Andersen bought a old shipping warehouse in Løkken, Denmark. Løkken Bbrewery is today a micro brewery and has a yearly production of 700 hl. beer after their own recipes.

I bought this witbier on a 330 ml bottle at 4,6% from a wine shop in Odense, Denmark at the price of 2,5 Euro.

Yellow in the colour with a somewhat grey porridge tone to it.

No head or foam worth mentioning.

A anonymous aroma and almost too light to notice.

The flat CO2 with a dominating wheat in the taste is only slightly broken up with a minimal flower note, finishes with a slight bitterness.

Overall rating 66 / 100

Vlaamsche Zotten Witbier


Sint-Jozef Brewery was founded by the Vissers family, no exact date. Thomas Vissers, who died in 1807, was a native of the Den Bosch area in the Netherlands. Johannes, son of Thomas, had a daughter that married Jozef Cornelissen. One of their sons, Jaak, continued the brewery business.

The current manager Jef Cornelissen, grandson of Jaak, has been in charge of the Sint-Jozef Brewery since 1980. The brewery machinery have been updated in the 1980’s and in 1995 and now have brew capacity of 9 times 50000 litres.

I bought this unfiltered witbeer from Systembolaget in Kristianstad, Sweden at the price of 3 Euro for a 330ml bottle at 5%.

Light yellow to white in colour and just slightly unfiltered haziness.

Fine foam on the top of this medium sized head.

Sweet fruit and light hops in the aroma.

Low CO2, sweet fruit, more fruit and a long sweetness in the after taste.

Overall rating 78 / 100

Kronenbourg – 1664 Blanc


Kronenbourg Brewery is a brewery founded in 1664 by Geronimus Hatt in Strasbourg, France. The company is owned by the Carlsberg Group.

I bought this unfiltered organic wheat beer from Systembolaget in Kristianstad, Sweden at the price of 2,5 Euro for a 330ml bottle at 5%.

Yellow to white in the colour.

The head disappears into almost nothing in a very short time.

Much hops, flowery fruit and almost like perfume in the aroma, too much and over the top.

Well balanced CO2, sweet flowery taste with a wheat after taste. Nothing to write home about and this is not my style at all.

Overall rating 68 / 100

Bèganti Kopa Witbier


Švyturys brewery was established in 1784 and is by that the oldest brewery in Lithuania. The brewery was destroyed during world war 2 and was rebuilt in 1946. Majority of the brewery was in 1999 bought by Carlsberg and is still on their hands today.

I bought this unfiltered organic wheat beer from Systembolaget in Kristianstad, Sweden at the price of 2,5 Euro for a 330ml bottle at 4,5%.

Bright yellow in colour and a regular unfiltered hazy look.

Medium head with a fine top.

Sweet fruit and wheat in the aroma.

A lot of CO2, sweet fruit, light hints of spices and a slight bitterness in the after taste.

Overall rating 80 / 100

Avery Brewing Co. – White Rascal


Avery Brewing Company was founded by Adam Avery in 1993. It is located in Boulcer, Colorado, USA. It is a small craft brewery that have seven all year products and they do six different seasonal beers.

I bought this Belgian style white ale from Systembolaget in Kristiansstad, Sweden at the price of 4 Euro for a 12 oz (355 ml) can at 5,6%

Yellow in the colour and with a white bottom, slightly hazy.

Small head that disappears quite fast.

Good sweet fruit in the aroma with a hint of flowers.

Medium CO2 with a balanced fruit and flower in the taste. Slightly bitter but fits right in, light and mild, easy to drink.

Overall rating 84 / 100

Warvik Vardes bryghus – Sankt Barbara

GS6A6082Warvik Vardes brewhouse was founded in 2004 and shares was sold one by one to everyone interested in owning a little part of the brewery and securing its future to stay in the town of Varde, Denmark.

I bought this witbier in a 500ml bottle at 5,1% in the wine shop Skjold Burne in Svendborg, Denmark at the price of 3,5 Euro.

A uniltered beer that is only lightly hazy and there are large pieces of sediment in the bottle.

Huge head with a real rough structure, leaves a fine layer behind.

Good sweet fruit in the aroma with a hint of hops.

Okay CO2, the fruit taste goes over in a more hoppy bitterness along with the light after taste.

Overall rating 74 / 100

Cigar City Brewing – Florida Cracker


Cigar City Brewing was established in 2008 by Tampa native, Joey Redner, Jr. In early 2008, Redner met Wayne Wambles, accomplished professional brewer, and hired him as head brewmaster. Wayne relocated in March of 2008 to begin the process of learning the local culture, applying that culture to CCB’s beers, and opening this new microbrewery in Tampa, Florida

I bought this Belgian style white ale from the wine shop Vinoble in Odense, Denmark at the price of 4 Euro for a 12 oz (355 ml) can at 5,5%

A very bright yellow in the colour and only slightly hazy.

There was no head at all, any bubbles formed at pouring was gone in a second.

Good sweet fruit in the aroma.

Low CO2 but with a good fruit in the taste, there is a suitable play from the hops and spices.

CO2 was too low, no head and the taste can seem a little doll at the end.

Overall rating 76 / 100