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Jazz in the rain

It is not always that the weather is there for you to enjoy a good wine or beer, so luckily the internet can help you obtain the right atmosphere for sitting down, relax and just enjoy the rain, music and which drink you have chosen.

Open and add you favorite jazz to it. If you do not have any jazz at hand, you should try this link 

Enjoy your rain, music and drink.

The vintage wine and beer review blog is broadcasting!

I would like to welcome you readers and me, myself to this vintage wine and beer review blog.

I have a good job where I travel around the world and get so see many exciting countries, explorer their cultures and taste their local beverages. Through all this I have developed a taste for vintage wine and especially the German weissbier.

Here on my blog you will in the future find primarily reviews of wine and beer, but not only limited to this.  Here is a small list of other subjects I would like to cover.

  • I will give out tips on where to buy beverages where I found good places.
  • I will also look into wine cellar tracking and inventory software
  • I will always deliver my own high quality pictures of reviewed beverages.

I hope these subjects will be interesting for my readers to enjoy and for me to enjoy writing for you.

I will accept review suggestions if they are within reason.