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Primator Weizenbier


The brewery was founded in 1872 in the city of Náchod in the Czech Republic.

I bought this beer in a local winestore in Denmark at the price of 3 Euro. The beer comes in a 500 ml bottle at 5%.

Orange unfiltered, without the glow.

Head is big, rough and fine on the top.

A good fruit, not too strong and somehow with a hint of green in it, as in green plants aroma.

The taste is accompanied with a good bubbly CO2 and the fruit is, by a word seldom used by me when talking beer taste, dominated by the sense of banana, so much that it would seem added to beer later. As it goes down the taste dulls out and become boring.

Overall rating is 68 / 100

Scheldebrouwerij – Witheer


Scheldebrouwerij is located in Meer, Holland. The brewery was founded in 1994.

I found this beer in a small beer shop located in a cellar on the main street of Tartu, Estonia. The price was 2,65 Euro for a 330 ml bottle with a strength of 5%.

A beer with a lot of sediment that needs to be stirred out of the bottle, a light orange look that is clouded completely.

The head is fine and huge. The big head will stay for a long time.

A over the top fresh aroma comes off with a delightful fruit. A very inviting aroma.

The taste is best described as good, the combination of the beer works very well together. The CO2 is giving the right bubbly sensation and with the long aftertaste there is plenty of enjoyment in the bottle. The coriander is not at all dominating the beer as it in some other witbiers can tend to be.

A highly recommend witbier.

Overall rating is 88 / 100

Støckel weissbier


Støckel weissbier is part of a series of four different beers, named after a relatively unknown Danish discoverer Johan Støckel. Vestfyens brewery was established in 1885 in Assens, Denmark and is a standalone brewery.

I found this beer at a local supermarket in Denmark at the price of 1,5 Euro for a 500 ml can with a strength of 4,8%.

A beer that lacks the unfiltered look and is instead a slightly hazy yellow.

The head is nice and settles slowly.

Aroma comes off with a sharp fruit. The aroma is much more dominant than the taste.

The taste is a anonymous fruit that disappears the second after drinking. There is no finish and the bitterness is far more dominant than the fruit.

A disappointing weissbier where only the head is a plus.

Overall rating is 59 / 100

Flensburger – Weizen


Flensburger brewery was established in 1888 as a privately owned brewery.

I found this beer at a local supermarket in Denmark at the price of ? Euro for a 330 ml bottle with a strength of 5,1%.

A beer with a beautiful orange glow to its unfiltered look.

The head is thick, fine and settles slowly.

Aroma is a light fruit.

The light taste of fruit leaves some wishes for more, as the taste is overall good. The finish fades with a clear and sweet banana to it.

The bottle comes with a resealable clamp cap and it is always a joy to open such a bottle!

Overall rating is 77 / 100