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Kaiserdom Hefe-Weissbier Alkoholfreies

This wheat beer comes from the private owned brewery located at Bamberg in the northern Bayern.

Kaiserdom have been making beer here since 1718, which for a Bayern brewery could be described as being one of the younger breweries.

I found this beer at a local supermarket in Denmark at the very reasonable price of 2 Euro for a 500 ml can at 0%.

A thick flowing orange beer, impossible to see through from the heavy amount of sediment.

There is little to no head on this beer, not even a little persuasion at pouring can make it have one.

A good, but light, fruity aroma.

Flat CO2, taste is okay, a good blend of wheat and fruit notes, too thin in the after taste.

Overall rating is 73 / 100

Brewery Dupont – blanche du Hainaut

Brewery Dupont originates back to 1920 where Louis Dupont was given the old farm-brewery Rimaux-Deridder dating back from 1759, from his father Alfred Dupont. Louis had not children and his nephew Sylva Rosier. Sylva’s son Marc Rosier managed the brewery from 1964 to 2002. Since 2002, Olivier Dedeycker has succeeded his uncle Marc Rosier as the Director of the family brewery and therefore represents the fourth generation of this brewers’ family.

I got this unfiltered wheat beer as a gift, it was bought in a beer shop in Copenhagen, I do not know the price for this 250 ml bottle at 5,5%.

Light yellow colour and only slightly hazy, not a beer large enough to be served in a weissbier glass.

Medium head with a rough structure but a fine foam on top.

Good fresh and  fruity in the aroma, with a good scent of banana to it.

Powerful CO2, good fruit, fresh, wheat and some banana in the delicate, not to powerful taste. A good and fresh wheat beer. Bonus points for being organic / biodynamic.

Overall rating 83 / 100

Indslev bryggeri – White IPA


Indslev brewery was established in 1897 by Frederik Christian Rasmussen. At some point the brewery was closed down, but in 2005 restored to former glory with brand new production equipment. The re-opening was made possible by Anders Busse Rasmussen, grand grand nephew of Frederik Christian Rasmussen.

I bought this bottled 6.5% 500 ml unfiltered wheat beer in a local super market in Odense, Denmark at the price of 4.5 Euro.

A good looking yellow beer.

Small head with a semi rough structure, a tiny fine top.

Sweet and heavily hoppy in the aroma.

Low CO2, bitterness, sweetness, ends off in a slight fruit and hops. Hides the high alcohol percentage very well.

Overall rating 73 /100

Willemoes Hvede Alkoholfri


Willemoes is a series of specialty beers from Vestfyens brewery. Vestfyens brewery was established in 1885 in Assens, Denmark and is a standalone brewery.

I bought this unfiltered wheat beer from a local super market at the price of 1,49 Euro for a 500 ml bottle at 0,5%.

Beautiful yellow going to orange in the colour.

Big and rough structured head with a fine foam on the top.

Light sweet fruit but with a dominating fresh wheat aroma.

Good CO2, thin  fruit and more like a fresh pilsner.

Overall rating 78 / 100