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Poppels Bryggeri – Belgisk Wit

Poppels Brewery is a independent brewery founded in 2012 in Jonsered, Västra Götaland County in Sweden. 

I bought this biodynamic beer from a wine shop in Odense, Denmark at the price of 4 Euro for a 330 ml bottle at 4,7%

Thick yellow colour, like porridge, in a good way.

Very small head that disappears instantly.

Fantastic fruit and a slightly bitter / flowery aroma. Perfect combination in the nose.

Good CO2 with a delicious wheat, fruit and flowery balance, it just continues with this good composition in the after taste. Highly recommended!

Overall rating 88 / 100

Mikkeller – Kihøshk

Mikkel started brewing in his kitchen in 2005 and developed some new and innovative beers that quickly gave him international reputation. Later Ørbæk brewery in Denmark helped him brew on license to get a volume to export. Today he brews most of his beer on license at Proef Brouwerij brewery in Belgium.

I bought this beer from a wine shop in Odense, Denmark at the price of 3,5 Euro for a 330 ml bottle at 5%

Very pleasing look with a orange and red tone in the colour.

Big and rough head with a fine foam top.

Medium strength hops in the aroma aroma with a bit of play from a sweet and flowery scent.

Okay CO2, starts out with a faint sweetness that is quickly taken over by hops and it finishes in full flower almost into bitter hops. Not much wheat over it.

Overall rating 74 / 100

Pocas Junior Porto 20 Years Old Tawny

In 1918 Manoel Domingues Poças Júnior and his uncle established Poças & comandita. Manoel Poças receives the Quinta das Quartas, the first of the company’s wine estate in the Douro, in payment of a debt. In 1959 Manoel’s grandsons Manuel and Jorge Pintão joined the firm. In 1962 the declaration of the first Poças Vintage. In 2006 the company remains on family hands with 4 generations working together.

This 750 ml bottle at 20% was bought in a Danish supermarket at the price of 32 Euro.

Right after opening

Orange, red notes and brown play in the colour. Light and thin curtains on the glass wall.

Dried fruits in the aroma, dominated by alcohol.

Immediately a mouthful of raisins, sweet and with a suitable length of after taste. Some alcohol.

Intermediate rating 88 / 100

21 hours after opening

Colour and aroma unchanged.

Much more pak and barrel in the taste, mild alcohol and less warm. Smooth and sweet taste.

Overall rating 90/100

Gould Campell Vintage Port 1980

Gould Campell was founded in 1797 by Garret Gould. Through the years and many wars, the brand survived and was a well-established name in Great Britain. In 1970 the company was bought up and became a part of the Symington family business. The brand Gould Campell was discontinued in 2015 due to economical reasons.

This 750 ml bottle of vintage port at 20% can be found at around 53 Euro from wine shops in Europe.

Taste notes right after decanting

A very fine looking cork, in such a good shape that it has to be re-corked at some point.

Dark red colour with brown notes.

Darkness and dried fruits in the aroma. Clear notes of oak casks but yet dominated by the alcohol.

Warm alcohol, early signs of balance with a dry tannin and acid. Sweet fruit notes with a good raisin in the after taste. Spicy and slightly mysterious.

Intermediate rating 87 /100 

3 hours after decanting

Colour has changed for a more bloody expression.

Less alcohol in the aroma.

The dried fruit notes in the taste had become more full bodied.

Good and sweet wine.

Intermediate rating 90 /100 

6 hours after decanting

Balance has settled for a perfect mix of sweet fruit and tannin. It is as close to drinking candy as it can get for this wine.

Overall rating 91 / 100