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Christoffel – Wijs


Christoffel brewery is located in Holland. Founded in 1986 in the city of Roermond, a former coal mine industrial area. The brewery is named after the guardian saint of the city, Saint Christoffel. Christoffel brewery makes its fermentation in open tanks and all beers unpasteurised.

Bought in a local wine store and beer specialist in Denmark, 3,33 Euro for a 330 ml bottle at 6%.

A dark red colour, almost as close to brown as it can get.

The head got a coloured note from the beer and quickly dissipates into a thin layer.

A faint fruit can be sensed in the aroma, but is dominated by the dark notes of caramel.

It is a wheat beer, but that is by far what I find in the taste, by its less amount of yeast there is almost no CO2 left in the beer when it is poured. Caramel and bitterness dominates and it is the same for the finish.

Overall rating is 70 / 100

Lauterbacher Weissbier Hell

GS6A0819In 24th October 1651, three years after the 30-year war, the basis for this small private brewery was layed as the brwer Mathias Puecher acquired the rights to brew beer in Lauter, Bayern. Since 1889 they have been brewing Weissbier according to the German purity law.

Yellow to orange unfiltered look with a little glow to it.

Head starts out big and a layer of fine bubbles.

Aroma is a short weak fruit with some bitter to it.

Very dull CO2 is the first that hits me, the fruit to the taste is okay but the finish is watery. A weissbier that does not make much of itself or shows any character.

Overall rating is 67 / 100

Bavaria 0,0%


I bought this beer at a local supermarket at the price of 1,1 Euro for a 330ml bottle at 0,0%.

A slightly unfiltered look with a bright yellow colour to it.

The head structure is very fine bubbles that resembles a creamy foam.

A well rounded aroma of fruit and a gentle fruit taste with a fast finish. It is very noticeable that it is without alcohol and thereby gives the impression of a wheat smoothie or wheat lemonade. If you are driving or do not drink, this is a fair alternative for getting a Witbier.

Overall rating is 71 / 100

Weihenstephan – Dunkel weissbier


The Weihenstephan Abbey was funded by the Benedictine monks in 725 and in 1040 they established what is now the oldest still operational brewery, in the world. The brewery is now owned by the state of Bavaria and is closely related to the technical university of Munich where studies on brewing and beverage manufacturing is a graduate program.

I bought this beer at Munich airport where it came with two beers in a crate with a Weihenstephan glass. Price was 6,7 Euro for two 500ml beers at 5,3% and a glass.

A dark orange going to light brown unfiltered beer fills the glass and is much less dark than at first expected.

The head structure is rough and disappears quickly.

A fantastic aroma that is fruitful and at best I can describe it as delicious with a hint of spices. Taste is a delightful fruity and very well balanced experience. For a dark weissbier this certainly is not dark in neither colour or taste and that leaves a very good beer.

Overall rating is 89 / 100