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Vadehavsbryggeriet – Blåvand Hvede

I bought this bio-dynamic wheat beer from a supermarket in Odense, Denmark at the price of 3 Euro for a 500 ml bottle at 5,8%

Slightly hazy and yellow in the colour.

Large head with a fine foam on the top.

Good wheat and fruited aroma with pleasant notes to it.

Good full bodied taste that is in balance. Hops and wheat joins up in a nice play. Slightly too weak CO2. Some bitterness in the after taste. Biodynamic beer holds a special place in my heart, just next to the German Beer Purity law.

Overall rating 86 / 100

Hvide Sande Bryghus – Fyret

Hvide Sande Bryghus was established in 2018 by Niels Sangill. It is located at the harbour area of Hvide Sande in a building that used to house a fish packaging factory. Niels is born and raised in Hvide Sande and returned to produce good local brew.

I bought this 500 ml bottle at 5.0% at a restaurant in Hvide Sande, Denmark at the price of 6 Euro. This is a Danish take on a weissbier.

Thick and hazy orange in the colour.

Medium white head with a fine top. Disperses quickly into a thin layer.

Medium sweetness and fruit in the aroma, no particular notes stand out.

Soft tasting experience, good CO2 levels to accompany the sweet fruit that balances with some dark notes.

Overall rating 80 / 100

Quinta Do Portal Vintage Port 2000

Quinta Do Portal is a family owned wine yard and maker, founded in the 1990s in Porto, Portugal. The vintages from Portal is recommended to be stored for 10 years as they aim for a lighter Port to distinguish themselves form the traditional tannin heavy Douro Port.

Taste notes right after decanting

Aroma is dominated by alcohol with a thin dark spice to it.

Brown and red in the colour with orange edges.

Good balance very early, shows a fresh fruit with a sharp tannin. Comes off a little thin and with little to no after taste.

Intermediate rating 83 / 100

Taste notes 3 hours after decanting

Aroma is unchanged, alcohol is still dominating.

Colour has changed to be slightly darker, a good sign.

It has now gained some dried fruits in the after taste.

Intermediate rating 85 / 100

Taste notes 7½ hours after decanting

The alcohol is no longer dominant in the aroma, a deep and ark spicy fruit comes off nicely.

Slightly darker in the colour.

Fresh and lively wine, not full bodied in the mouth, but still with good tannin. After taste has also gained a fair amount of dried fruits and a prominent raisin.

Overall rating 88 / 100

Taste notes 26 hours after decanting. Less alcohol in the aroma, but not much fruit gained. Taste and mouth feel is more tame, tannin has worn off and it is flattening out.