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Andechser Weissbier Hell


Seven Benedictine monks was in 1455 sent to new Andechs monastery from Tegernsee. Beer have been brewed in the monastery since the middle-age. In 1850 they purchased the Abbey of St Boniface in Munich for beer cellar. The modern brewery was built in the 1970-80s.

I bought this beer in Berlin Beer Shop, Germany at the price of 1,8 Euro for a 500ml bottle at 5,5%

The colour is yellow with a orange glow to the unfiltered beer.

The head is big and made of fine bubbles, a head that stays while drinking the beer.

The aroma comes off good with a nice soft and sweet fruit.

A fresh CO2 makes a bubbly experience of this sweet and wonderful fruit taste, the after taste is a nice fade of the drinking.

Overall rating 86 / 100

Sullerica Blanca


I bought this beer in a small delicates shop in Alcúdia on the island of Mallorca, Spain at the price of 4 Euro for a 330 ml bottle at 3,7%

A yellow thick flowing and deep hazy beer from this unfiltered wheat beer.

Small head with a rough structure and with a thin layer staying.

Good hoppy and fruited aroma with some sweetness to it.

Heavy CO2 with well suited fruit taste, a light bitterness in the after taste.

Overall rating 79 / 100

Aass Weizen


Aass brewery as it known today was founded in 1867 by Poul Lauritz Aass and the brewery is still on family hands with the 5th generation working on it today.

I bought this beer in a local shop outside of Oslo, Norway at the price of 4,2 Euro for a 500ml can at 4,7%.

The beer is bright and clear like a pilsner beer, it is clearly filtrated.

The head disappears quickly.

The aroma is weak and I was unable to make anything of it.

Drinking it is a fresh, light and bubbly experience but it has nothing to do with a weissbier or wheat beer, it is a pilsner for all I know.

Overall rating 65 / 100