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The A. Le Coq brewery is the oldest continuously operating brewery in Estonia. It was formed from the two breweries B. J. Hesse of 1800 and J. R. Schramm of 1826, in a joint venture called Tivoli Ltd. In 1913 the owners renamed the brewery A. Le Coq.

The biggest market was for many years the Russian market and over the latest 200 years it have changed hands to new owners many times. During the Soviet era the name changed to Tartu Õlletehas (Tartu Brewery) but was renamed back to A. Le Coq in 1997, as the brewery was privatised by the Finish company Olvi.

I bought this beer at a local supermarket in Tartu, Estonia. 500 ml bottle with a strength of 5,2% for 0.75 Euro.

A yellow beer fills the glass and have a bright regular pilsner look.

The head structure is light, big and fine bubbles that soon disappears into a thin layer, it seems to have a heavy CO2 going off.

The aroma can seem a little bitter in the start, but as it gasses off and the head disappears it regains a light pilsner aroma. Taste is a bit too much on the light side, it quickly taste like water. It is remarkably less sparkling than I would expect from the pouring. Overall a good regular beer.

Overall rating is 78 / 100

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