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Thisted Bryghus – Rød Thy

Thisted Bryghus was founded in 1908 where it bought up the broke Thisted Aktiebryggeri that had existed for a mere 10 years before it had to close. The brewery is mainly owned by local people holding shares in the brewery. Thisted bryghus is located in Thisted in Denmark.

I found the red and blue Thy craft beers at a local supermarket in Odense, Denmark. Price was around 3-4 Euro for a 500 ml bottle beer at 3.5%. A product advertised as a light beer for lunches.

Rød Thy is a Belgian wheat beer with added flavours.

Rosa-yellow in the color, slightly hazy and with a fine foamed head.

Fruit and fresh hops in the aroma.

Good CO2, wine-like and light rose notes. Elderflower cordial in the taste. Feels too light from the low alcohol level.

Overall rating 76 / 100

Meckatzer Löwenbräu – Weizen

The brewery Meckatzer Löwenbräu goes back to 1738, the brewery was originally just named Löwenbräu but have to give up the name in the start of the 1900 hundred to the Munich brewery Brauerei Löwenbräu. Since 1853 the brewery has been owned by the Weiß family and today it is run by the 4th generation Michael Weiß.

I bought this beer from a German webshop at the price of 1,49 Euro for a 500 ml bottle at 5,2%

This unfiltered beer has a nice light orange color. Medium sized head, foam with a rough structure that disappears rather fast.

Good sweet fruit in the aroma, with the freshness of the hops.

Powerful CO2, sweet fruit notes and ends up in fresh hops and wheat in the after taste.

Overall rating 80 / 100

Bryggeriet Frejdahl – Miklasgaard – Mango Witbier

Frejdahl is the brand result from a cooperation between brewer Christoph Behnke and designer Jim Lyngvild. The beer is brewed at Bryggeriet Vestfyen, located in Assens, Denmark. Bryggeriet Vestfyen has been in operating since 1885.

I bought this beer in a local supermarket, Odense, Denmark. Completely lost track of its price. This mango witbier comes in a 500 ml bottle at 4.8% alcohol.

Beautiful hazy yellow and orange in the color. Fine foam on top of the head.

Sweet and fruitful wit aroma with a distinct mango scent to it.

A tad too low CO2 to the not so powerful taste. It has a good balance between the sweet fruit and the bitterness of the hops.

Overall rating 80 / 100

Alaryk – Blanche

Alaryk craft brewery is located in Béziers, France. Alaryk was founded in 2017 by Sébastien Alary and Jean-Olivier Rieusset. Their goal was to create beer that would be found in wine shops.

I got this beer as a birthday gift from my family. Hence the price is unknown. The biodynamic beer comes in a 330 ml bottle at 4.5% alcohol.

Very active CO2 that makes pouring a bit of a challenge. Huge head that quickly disperses back into a thin layer.

Beautiful hazy yellow in the color.

Dry and bitterness in a deep fruity aroma. Scents and sharpness of nature wine and yeast.

Powerful CO2 in when drinking. A funny softness and wine-like texture to the taste. Tender taste, fresh and with a too short after taste.

Overall rating 84 / 100

Thy – Hvid

Thisted Bryghus was founded in 1908 where it bought up the broke Thisted Aktiebryggeri that had existed for a mere 10 years before it had to close. The brewery is mainly owned by local people holding shares in the brewery. Thisted bryghus is located in Thisted in Denmark.

I found this beer on offer in a local supermarket in Odense, Denmark. 2 Euro for a 500 ml bottle at 3.5%, this beer is offering a light lunch beer type.

Deep yellow in the color with a thick haziness over it. A small head on top.

Weak aroma, not able to describe it in any further details. In fact, the previous sentence, is a longer description of nothing, than the aroma itself.

Vivid CO2, good taste composition and balance. A little weak on the palate due to the low alcohol levels. Fresh fruits and yeast in the after taste.

Overall rating 73 / 100

Bryghuset Møn – Kong Asgers Hvede

Bryghuset Møn was established in 2005 by Ivan Luffe at the island Møn in Denmark. Svend Austel from Bamberg, Germany was the original brewer behind the 9 original beers. The brewery was acquired by David Jensin og Thomas Stecher in 2012. The master brewer is today Jacob Bille Carlsen from the Harboe brewery.

I am not entirely sure where I bought this biodynamic beer. Somewhere on the island Langeland, Denmark. It costs around 4 Euro for a 330 ml bottle at 4.7% alcohol.

Good looking thick yellow color of this hazy unfiltered beer. The foam head is small.

Weak and at times a metallic scent in the aroma.

Powerful CO2 levels, soft and fresh in the taste. Neutral fruit notes that does not shine through. Too weak on the palate.

Overall rating 68 / 100

Blue Moon – Belgian White

Blue Moon Belgian White was originally called Bellyslide Belgian White, by brewer Keith Villa at Sandlot Brewery, Denver, Colorado, USA. This is owned by the Molson Coors corporation and the exported beers are most likely brewed at the Molson Brewery in Montreal, Quebec, Canada.

This beer comes in a 500 ml can at 5.4% alcohol level. I hope I got it cheap.

The beer is thick flowing as porridge, unfiltered yellow and no foam head at all.

Aroma reminds me more of a orange juice than a beer. Has some fresh, even going towards chemical, notes of whatever that is.

Simply a bad tasting experience. No balance between the taste notes and it just feels like a watery mixture of oranges and chemicals.

Overall rating 54 / 100

The Man Behind – #6 Weizen

Coisbo beer took its start in 2007 in Morud in Denmark. Brewer Anders Coisbo rents in on different breweries to make his beers. In 2017 Anders Coisbo started his new beer adventure, called The Man Behind. This new beer company went bankrupt in March 2023.

This biodynamic beer is in a 330 ml bottle at 4.8% alcohol. I am not sure if this is a rebrand of his former Coisbo – Queens desire – Weissbier, but it scored about the same rating.

Beautiful unfiltered beer with a deep hazy yellow color. The head disperses quite fast.

A bit too weak in the aroma, comes off with a wheated sweet fruit scent.

Balanced on the palate, dominated by wheat notes. Somewhere between not sweat enough and not too sweat.

Overall rating 78 / 100

Indslev Bryggeri – Kirstines Juleøl

Indslev brewery was established in 1897 by Frederik Christian Rasmussen. At some point the brewery was closed down, but in 2005 restored to former glory with brand new production equipment. The re-opening was made possible by Anders Busse Rasmussen, grand grand nephew of Frederik Christian Rasmussen.

I bought this 500 ml bottle at 3.5% in a supermarket in Odense, Denmark at the price of 2.5 Euro. It is a light wheat beer.

Good glow to the red and orange beer, with deep brown notes to the colour.

Small head that quickly disperses into a thin layer.

Fresh fruit and dark notes in the aroma, a good mix of the wheat and dark christmas tones of the roasted ingridients.

Dominating wheat in the taste with a slightly underplayed CO2 level, along with the soft and dark character it can come off a little flat. Expected for a christmas beer, but not a light wheat beer. Short after taste with a bit of bitterness in it.

Overall rating 73 / 100

Lottrup – Hvede Ale

“Lottrup” is a brand belonging to the Royal Unibrew group, based in Faxe, Denmark. The Lottrup range of beers is a tribute to the original founder of the Ceres breweries, Malthe Conrad Lottrup, whose breweries are now a part of the Royal Unibrew group.

Not sure where I got this beer from, but I assume I bought it at the local supermarket. It comes in a 330 ml glass bottle at 4.8% alcohol.

It looks great with its hazy orange color and large head of coarse foam with a fine top. The head stays on the beer for the duration of drinking it.

Good sweet and balanced wheat notes in the aroma along with a few hints of fruit.

Good CO2 level with a good wheat taste, but a bit too thin in the combined taste picture. Slightly bitter in the after taste.

Overall rating 76 / 100