Schlossbrauerei Maxlrain – Schloss Weisse


The Maxlrain castle brewery was first officially mentioned in 1636. At the turn of the century, the beer brewing process was transferred from the Castle to the present brewery site newly erected about 1900. The enterprise has been managed since 1986 by Dr. Erich Prince von Lobkowicz. 

I bought this weissbier from a German webshop in Bayern as a part of a large lot, single price came down to 1,49 Euro for a 500 ml bottle at 5,0%

Brown in the colour and with a thick sense to it from the amount of sediment.

Medium sized head with a fine structure and top.

Good fresh and fruity aroma.

Good CO2 with a delicious sweet fruit taste that has a real good play with the wheat.

Overall rating 84 / 100

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