Støckel weissbier


Støckel weissbier is part of a series of four different beers, named after a relatively unknown Danish discoverer Johan Støckel. Vestfyens brewery was established in 1885 in Assens, Denmark and is a standalone brewery.

I found this beer at a local supermarket in Denmark at the price of 1,5 Euro for a 500 ml can with a strength of 4,8%.

A beer that lacks the unfiltered look and is instead a slightly hazy yellow.

The head is nice and settles slowly.

Aroma comes off with a sharp fruit. The aroma is much more dominant than the taste.

The taste is a anonymous fruit that disappears the second after drinking. There is no finish and the bitterness is far more dominant than the fruit.

A disappointing weissbier where only the head is a plus.

Overall rating is 59 / 100

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