Widmer brothers Hefeweizen.


Kurt and Rob Widmer starts home brewing as it is legalized in Oregon, USA in 1979. Widmer brewing company opens in 1984 and the brothers work full time on it. The beers was only delivered as draft up until 1996 where the first bottled beer is produced. The brewery is today still run by the brothers.

I bought this beer in a beer shop in Berlin, Germany at the price of 3,65 Euro for at 355 ml bottle at 4,9%.

A yellow unfiltered beer with heavy and large sediment, take care when pouring.

There was no head developing.

The aroma is dominated by the hops and comes off with a sharp and slightly bitter fruit.

The taste is, as the aroma, dominated by the hops and have a flowery taste to that lives into the fade. The CO2 dies out quickly.

This beer should have been called a Wit and they could have gotten away with it.

Overall rating 72 / 100

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