Wieninger – Hefe Weissbier

Old texts mention, that beer was brewed in the 1600’s by the father of, Tobias Schaidinger who in 1656 built a new brewery in Teisendorf, Germany. This brewery was bought by Philipp Wieninger in 1813. The brewery is today driven by Christian Wieninger who is the 8th generation of the brewing family.

I bought this weissbier from a German webshop in Bayern as a part of a large lot, single price came down to
1,49 Euro for a 500 ml bottle at 4,9%

Orange and yellow coloured unfiltered beer.

Medium sized head that quickly disperses into nothing.

Good sweet fruit aroma that is dominated by the wheat.

Powerful CO2 with a thick wheat taste, finishes in a matured banana note.

Overall rating 76 / 100

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