Dow – Porto Vintage 1986 Quinta do Bomfim


Decanted at ten in the morning on Christmas day, the last centimetre of the bottle was residue.

Taste notes just after decanting.

A dark rose with brown notes in the colour.

A subtle fruit to the nose with a dominating alcohol.

Some tannin, very soft, very sweet and goes straight to a sweet overdose after taste of dried fruits. Seems a bit out of balance with the tannin.

Taste notes 8 hours after decanting.

The taste seems to be more in balance between tannin, hotness and sweetness than right after decanting.

Taste notes 1,5 days after decanting.

The dried fruit in the taste comes at once and the hotness takes over for a little while and a lovely long after taste of dried fruits follows.

Taste notes 2,5 days after decanting.

Aroma is no longer dominated by the alcohol but shares it evenly with the fruit.

Dried fruits, some tannin, hotness and then the dried fruits after taste, the wine does not seem to change much since 8 hours after decanting.


Overall rating 88 / 100


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