Kopke Quinta Sáo Luiz Vintage Port 1979


Kopke was established in 1638 by Christiano Kopke and his son, Nicolau Kopke. The company was sold to the Bohane family, by the end of the 19th century, who tried to run it from London. The distance and the two World Wars disabled the control of the Company and they decided to sell it. Quinta de S. Luiz was acquired by Kopke in 1922. In 1953 the Barros family bought the House of Kopke. In June 2006 it was sold and became a part of the SOGEVINUS Group.

I bought this 750 ml bottle at 20% at a German ebay shop at the price of 59 Euro.



1 hour after decanting

Orange and amber in the colour, large and round curtains on the wall of the glass.

Light aroma that is dominated by the alcohol.

Burning tannin, mature flatness, warm from the alcohol. Light taste of dried fruits.


7 hours after decanting

As above, but colour changed more into amber and red brown.

Taste did not develop itself much over the hours in the decanter.

Overall rating 88 / 100

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