Moosbacher Weissbier


Scheuerer Breweries was founded by Lorenz Scheuerer in 1887. The family owned brewery has been handed down four generations to its current owner and Brew Diploma-Engineer, Erhard Scheuerer. The brewery is located in the Oberpfalzer region in the little town of Moosbach, only a few kilometers from the Czech border.

I bought this unfiltered weissbeer from a German webshop at the price of 1,49 Euro for a 500 ml bottle at 5,0%.

Beautiful and deep orange colour to this hazy beer.

Large head with a rough structure.

Medium aroma with a sweet and wheated fruit.

Good CO2, pleasant sweet fruit, no hops that shines through. Not complex enough in the taste.

Overall rating 77 / 100

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