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Sandeman Vau Vintage Port 1999

Estimated cost of this Sandeman Vau Vintage Port 1999 bottle of 750 ml is 35 Euro.

Taste notes right after decanting

Light in the colour, but still resembling blood red. Thin curtains in the glass.

Weak fruit in the aroma, dominated by the alcohol.

Thin fruit taste with a light and acidity feeling in the mouth.

Intermediate rating 81 / 100

Taste notes after 4 hours

Gained some weight and a darker colour.

Intermediate rating 83 / 100

Taste notes after 9 hours

Dark red with a more brown tone to it.

More matured and in balance in the aroma, less alcohol.

Sweet fruits and tannin in a great play. Still a very dry wine with a specific figs and raisins in the after taste.

Intermediate rating 86 / 100

Taste notes after 12 hours

Much more balance in the taste, a bigger joy on the palate.

Overall rating 88 / 100

Offley Boa Vista Vintage Port 1999


Read all about Offley at: Visiting Offley in Porto

I bought this vintage port in a local supermarket in Odense, Denmark, it was on offer at 30 Euro. 750ml bottle at 20,5%.

It is only 13 – 14 years old and is properly still too young.

The colour is dark red almost bordeaux.

Taste notes 1 hour after decanting.

Weak fruit to the aroma that is dominated by the alcohol.

Tasting is dry, warm, tannin and some unbalanced notes that almost made me think it was a little corked.

Taste notes 24 hours after decanting.

The dried fruit shines more through in the aroma and alcohol is less dominant.

The taste still have a dry heavy start from the tannin and a great warmth. The unbalanced mentioned earlier is gone and a good after taste finishes it.


It should properly get some more years in the cellar, it lacks the complexity in the taste and a balance in aroma and taste.

Overall rating 87 / 100