Ramos Pinto – Vintage 2000

GS6A1819GS6A1820Ruby port on the left, vintage 2000 on the right.

To learn more about Ramos Pinto, read my article from visiting the wine producer: http://www.disorder.dk/2013/09/26/visiting-ramos-pinto-in-porto/

The colour is no longer the deep red/purple going into black, the ageing have left it as a red wine with a brown hint to it when swirled.

The aroma comes off with a good fruit and a hint of oak.

Tasting it comes with a rough start from the tannin, with a soft switch to the fruit and a fresh grape. The taste is not as complex after only 11 years on the bottle. There are really no certain taste standing out for itself.

A good wine that needs to be aged for many more years to obtain a softer tannin and develop a more complex taste.

Overall rating is 89 / 100

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