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Croft Vintage Port 2000

Estimated cost of this Croft Vintage Port 2000 bottle of 750 ml is 38 Euro.

Taste notes right after decanting

Dark red with brown notes in the colour

Has a heavy swing to it already, leaves heavy curtains on the sides of the glass

Deep dark fruit with a spiced side in the aroma. Well performing right after opening the bottle.

Warm alcohol, full bodied taste with a dark side to it, though on the weak side. Slight notes of dried fruits with short after taste.

Intermediate rating 88 /100

3 hours after decanting

The alcohol has become more dominant in the aroma and there is no change to the taste.

Intermediate rating 87 /100

7 hours after decanting

Enhanced on the sweet notes, much more open, alcohol is less warm. A specific raisin taste has come forward. 

Tannin’s are still well alive and gives a good play.

Intermediate rating 90 /100

22 hours after decanting

Red as blood.

Still some alcohol in the aroma but certainly with a much more spicy and mysterious darkness about it.

Still bite from the tannin, warmth from the alcohol and a good full bodied taste.

Clear taste of dried fruits in taste and after taste.

Overall rating 90 / 100

Ramos Pinto – Vintage 2000

GS6A1819GS6A1820Ruby port on the left, vintage 2000 on the right.

To learn more about Ramos Pinto, read my article from visiting the wine producer: http://www.disorder.dk/2013/09/26/visiting-ramos-pinto-in-porto/

The colour is no longer the deep red/purple going into black, the ageing have left it as a red wine with a brown hint to it when swirled.

The aroma comes off with a good fruit and a hint of oak.

Tasting it comes with a rough start from the tannin, with a soft switch to the fruit and a fresh grape. The taste is not as complex after only 11 years on the bottle. There are really no certain taste standing out for itself.

A good wine that needs to be aged for many more years to obtain a softer tannin and develop a more complex taste.

Overall rating is 89 / 100