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Vadehavsbryggeriet – Blåvand Hvede

I bought this bio-dynamic wheat beer from a supermarket in Odense, Denmark at the price of 3 Euro for a 500 ml bottle at 5,8%

Slightly hazy and yellow in the colour.

Large head with a fine foam on the top.

Good wheat and fruited aroma with pleasant notes to it.

Good full bodied taste that is in balance. Hops and wheat joins up in a nice play. Slightly too weak CO2. Some bitterness in the after taste. Biodynamic beer holds a special place in my heart, just next to the German Beer Purity law.

Overall rating 86 / 100

Hvide Sande Bryghus – Fyret

Hvide Sande Bryghus was established in 2018 by Niels Sangill. It is located at the harbour area of Hvide Sande in a building that used to house a fish packaging factory. Niels is born and raised in Hvide Sande and returned to produce good local brew.

I bought this 500 ml bottle at 5.0% at a restaurant in Hvide Sande, Denmark at the price of 6 Euro. This is a Danish take on a weissbier.

Thick and hazy orange in the colour.

Medium white head with a fine top. Disperses quickly into a thin layer.

Medium sweetness and fruit in the aroma, no particular notes stand out.

Soft tasting experience, good CO2 levels to accompany the sweet fruit that balances with some dark notes.

Overall rating 80 / 100

Ølgaard Julehvede

Ølgaard family brew is made on license by Midtfyns Bryghus on Fyn, Denmark. It is a fairly new brand on the scene of small home brewing companies that borrows equipment on the established breweries.

I bought this Christmas wheat brew at Carlsen’s Kvarter, a import beer beer bar since 1972, in Odense, Denmark. For a draft beer of 500 ml at 6.0% the price was 9 Euro.

Beautiful looking beer, orange and brown in the colour.

Small head with a fine foam.

Aroma comes off with a hops and christmas cookies to it, a bit to the weak side.

Faint wheat notes, powerful full bodied alcohol and warmth, becomes better as it goes from cold to room temperature. Let it rest for a bit if you buy this and get it served cold. But generally it is too neutral and should make more of itself.

Overall rating 68 / 100

Bryghuset Braunstein – Pokal – Hvede

The supermarket group in Denmark called COOP have re-released their brand “Pokal” in a new version, where it originally was a cheap and low quality beer, it is not targetted the growing market for special brews.

This organic wheat beer comes from a private owned micro brewery located at Koege in the Denmark. The micro brewery is from 2011 and is run by two brothers that also own it. They try to target a smaller market with their special beers and especially their organic beers.

I bought this biodynamic 500 ml bottle at 6% from a Danish supermarket at the price of 1.3 Euro. Good price for biodynamic.

Slightly orange tones in the yellow colour. Unfiltered with a light haziness.

Completely white foam on the big head, rough structure underneath a fine top.

Hoppy aroma with a delicious sweetness from the fruit notes and wheat.

Good CO2 level accompanying a fresh fruit taste. Good balance between the wheat and hops. Ends in a slightly bitter after taste.

Overall rating 85 / 100

Grauballe – Hvede

Grauballe brewery was established by Else Birk and William Frank in 2002, in old farm buildings just outside of Grauballe, Silkeborg, Denmark.

I bought this biodynamic beer from a supermarket in Odense, Denmark at the price of 3 Euro for a 500 ml bottle at 4,7%

Thick flowing and yellow in the colour.

No head or foam top.

Powerful sweet fruit aroma with a delicious banana to it.

Heavy and full bodied in the taste, a sweetness with a weak fruit goes straight to the bitter tones in the after taste.

Overall rating 82 / 100

Mikkeller – Kihøshk

Mikkel started brewing in his kitchen in 2005 and developed some new and innovative beers that quickly gave him international reputation. Later Ørbæk brewery in Denmark helped him brew on license to get a volume to export. Today he brews most of his beer on license at Proef Brouwerij brewery in Belgium.

I bought this beer from a wine shop in Odense, Denmark at the price of 3,5 Euro for a 330 ml bottle at 5%

Very pleasing look with a orange and red tone in the colour.

Big and rough head with a fine foam top.

Medium strength hops in the aroma aroma with a bit of play from a sweet and flowery scent.

Okay CO2, starts out with a faint sweetness that is quickly taken over by hops and it finishes in full flower almost into bitter hops. Not much wheat over it.

Overall rating 74 / 100

Mongozo Buckwheat White Beer

Huyghe Brewery is a brewery founded in 1906 by Leon Huyghe in city of Melle in East Flanders, Belgium. They have a product line called Mongozo.

I bought this organic, gluten free, fair trade white wheat beer in a 330 ml bottle at 4,8%, at a wine shop at the price of 4 Euro.

Yellow in the colour with a white touch to it.

Medium sized head with a fine structure and top.

Flowers and fruit comes off in a good composition in the aroma, suitable in strength, the flowery part is not dominant over the fruit.

Drinking and tasting starts with a relatively flat CO2, a somewhat confused impression from the flower, wheat and hops composition. One of the few things that drags this beer in the right direction is it being organic.

Overall rating 71 / 100

GB – Hvede Ale

The Gourmet Brewery was founded in 2005 in Denmark, today the two originally owners are no longer a part of the brewery and it is owned by the Harboe brewery group.

I bought this large wheat ale from a supermarket in Denmark, it is a 750 ml bottle at 5,0% that cost 4 Euro.

Good looking yellow colour with a bright and white shine to it.

Grand big head with a rough structure and a fine foam on the top.

Perfumed in the aroma, almost too much, slightly wheated tones.

Powerful CO2 along with sweet flower and wheat notes are the first impressions this presents, easy to drink, fresh but with a short finish.

Overall rating 76 / 100

Baladin – Isaac

The bar La Baladin opens in Piozzo, Italy in 1986, at 1996 it has its own brewing equipment and becomes a brewpub. It was founded by master brewer Teo Musso.

I received this beer as a gift, it was bought at a beer shop in Copenhagen, Denmark. It is a  corked and varnished 750 ml bottle at 5%.

Beautiful beer, yellow going to orange in the colour.

A small head that disappears quickly.

Light and fresh aroma with a weak fruit over it. A good and sweet scent.

Good CO2 level, delicious fruit in the taste, good balance between sweet and acid notes. Sweetness and hops go hand in hand. Soft, velvet and pleasant after taste. Fades very nice.

Overall rating is 86 / 100

Volkan Santorini White

Volkan beer brewery is located on the island Naxos in the city of Santorini, Greece. What is special about the Volkan beer is that the water is filtered in a unique Santorini basalt filter unit which consists of volcano lava stones, Santorini honey and citrus from Naxos.

I received this beer as a gift, it was bought at a beer shop in Copenhagen, Denmark. It is a  330 ml bottle at 5%.

Beautiful and thick flowing yellow going to orange beer.

A small head with a fine top but else a rather rough structure.

Suitable aroma, fruity and sweet, but with a dominating flowery scent to it. Slightly spiced.

Low CO2, a very sweet beer, it is infact extremely sweet, sugary and it is just too much, not a pleasant drink. Its use of honey in the brewing process is not a hit with me. Tastes like a 8-10% beer trying to hide its alcohol with honey.

Overall rating is 71 / 100