Stiegl Brauerei – Stiegl Weisse


Stieglbrauerei zu Salzburg is a brewery located in Salzburg, Austria. It was founded in 1492 by the name Brew am Stiegl. The name originates from the steps that lead up to the brew house from the river.

The brewery grew larger through time and moved by 1863 its production to city of Maxglan. The old brew house was sold to the city in 1909. Stiegl is the largest privately owned brewery in Austria.

I bought this unfiltered weissbier at Systembolaget in Kristianstad, Sweden at the price of 2,5 Euro for at 500 ml bottle at 5,1%.

A good looking orange and yellow beer with good haziness.

Great big head, the rough bottom falls together and leaves a fine top.

Light and sweet fruit in the aroma.

Good CO2, very sweet fruit with a long after taste. A absolutely fruit bomb and something to enjoy in small sips, not a beer meant for quenching a thirst.

Overall rating 90 / 100

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