Slotbryggeriet Gavnø – Hvedeøl


Slotsbryggeriet Gavnø is located on the castle of Gavnø, Denmark. The castle dates back to the 1800’s and the brewery is in on of the old breeding stables. Brewer Mogens Damm runs the daily production and the brewery is owned by Baroness Helle Reedtz-Thott.

They use ingredients from their own production and water from their own natural spring.


I bought this unfiltered wheat beer from the supermarket Irma in Copenhagen, Denmark at the price of 4 Euro for a 500ml bottle at 4,9%.

A very beautiful, thick and very hazy orange colour.

A great big head.

Sweet and lovely fruit aroma but with a hint of something weird.

Medium CO2, sweet and hoppy. A weird taste that does not belong in a beer comes through after a few seconds. I had to throw the beer out, it was like it was contaminated.

I took contact to the brewery and offered them to send in a sample for examination, they refused with the argumentation that their control is good and there was no chance of a contaminated bottle leaving the factory. With my experience from the food and brewery industry, I can only say that it is a arrogant approach to food safety.

Overall rating 50 / 100

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