Real Companhia Velha Royal Oporto Vintage Port 1985


Real Companhia Velha was founded on the 10th of September 1756 by Royal Charter of King D. José I, under the auspices of his Prime Minister, Sebastião José de Carvalho e Melo, the Count of Oeiras and Marquis of Pombal. By 1781 the company was known as Royal Oporto in England. In 1960, with the support of the banker Pinto de Magalhães, Manuel da Silva Reis acquires the majority of the company and assumes its leadership.

Estimated cost of this Real Companhia Velha Royal Oporto Vintage Port 1985 bottle of 750 ml is 35 Euro.

1.5 hours after decanting

Medium clarity with a red to red-brown tint in the colour

Faint aroma with a sense of the ordinary, alcohol and some spices to it.

Light to medium body, refreshing tannin with a suitable length of after taste. It is however going from mature to old. It is out of balance between fruit and tannin, aged beyond what is good for it.

Intermediate rating 80 /100


6 hours after decanting

Darker in the colour.

Much less alcohol in the aroma.

Better balance between tannin and the thin fruit and faint dried fruits, alcohol is not dominant but more on the tame side. Taste of old barrels and the scent of a old living room comes in, not spiced but slightly old. Better balanced, but has to be consumed now.

Final rating 86 / 100


12 hours after decanting

Seems more like a 10 year old Tawny by now, tannin is almost gone.


30 hours after decanting

Turned completely brown in colour, sweet as raisins, smooth as silk with even more heavy dried fruits to the taste. All alcohol is gone and after taste lasts longer. It has now transformed itself into a old tawny.

Overall rating 86 / 100

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