Quarles Harris Vintage Port 1994


Quarles Harris was founded in 1680 by Thomas Dawson and this early date makes it one of the oldest port houses. It was named Dawson & Harris when Quarles Harries married Dorothea Dawson in 1752. It was once again renamed in 1791 to Harris Stafford & Sons and already in 1792 to Quarles Harris & Co. The company was bought by Andrew James Symington in 1917 and remain to this day as a part of the Symington family’s large portfolio of port houses.

Estimated cost of this Quarles Harris Vintage Port 1994 bottle of 750 ml is 52 Euro.

Taste notes right after decanting

Deep dark amber and orange play in the colour

Good aroma with a spiced and mature fruit. Suitable in strength with a hint of alcohol.

Light bodied with a mild taste to it, fine after taste with a pleasant dried fruits in the end, a wine that seems mature.

Intermediate rating 89 /100



2.5 hours after decanting

Dark red and really took some change from the air.

Suitable aroma that can be scented from a great distance.

Mild tannin, sweet fruit and a warmth in the end.

Wine was poured back in the bottle to slow the process of decanting.



7.5 hours after decanting

The dark red colour seems to have gotten a even deeper dimension.

Aroma lost some of its fruitfulnes but is now hot and spiced.

Soft tannin, sweet darkness that goes straight over in a full forced dried fruits that lasts forever with a wonderful after taste.

Final rating 90 / 100


24 hours after decanting

Smooth and very easy to drink, it is just like drinking a liquid raisins.

Overall rating 90 / 100

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