Bryghuset Vendia – Haugbølle Hvede

The brewery named Bryghuset Vendia was founded in 2006 by Henning Gyldenberg Pedersen and Erik Lytzen. The brewery is owned by the local community through sale of shares. No-one owns more than 5% of the stock. Bryghuset Vendia is located in Hjørring, Denmark.

I bought this wheat beer in a local store on the Danish island Langeland. Its a 500 ml glass bottle at 4.8%

Nice big head, rough foam, slightly orange in the color. Disappears within a few minutes.

Slightly hazy and glowing orange color.

Medium strength fruit and sweet wheaten aroma.

Good Co2 level, full bodied sweet and wheaten taste, with an explosion of fruity notes. The after taste has a few notes of darkness about it. Good balance between the elements.

Overall rating 84 / 100

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