Skagen Bryghus – Aslaug

The brewery Skagen Bryghus was founded in 2005 in Skagen, Denmark. It is located in the building formerly used for the electricity generation for the city.

This is a wheat beer at 5.0% in a 500 ml glass bottle. I was given this wheat beer as a gift from family members, for my birthday, a proper birthday wish is wheat beer in all its wonderful different shades and forms.

Big head with a rough structure and fine foam top. A good and hazy yellow color with orange notes.

Fresh wheat in the aroma, comes off with a medium strength. Subtle notes of sweet fruit.

Good CO2 level with a fresh an fruity taste to it, rounds off with more dark notes and a slight bitterness. Can be enjoyed in very large sips, no need to hold back, possible good for thirst quenching. I could have wished for some more sweet notes and less hops in the after taste.

Overall rating 78 / 100

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