Familienbrauerei Dinkelacker – Sanwald Hefeweissen

Sanwald Hefeweissen is brewed by Familienbrauerei Dinkelacker. Their history goes back 1861 in Stuttgard, Germany. The best known family members to have run the brewery is Carl Dinkelacker, Robert Leicht, David Sanwald and Ernst Immanuel Wulle.

I bought this beer at a bar called Carlsen’s Kvarter in Odense, Denmark. This 500 ml beer at 4.9% alcohol costs around 8 Euro.

Beautiful hazy and extremely deep orange in the color.

Large head with a fine foam on top, stays for a long while.

A good sweet fruit aroma, lots of notes on the banana side. Medium strength aroma.

Whole bodied, not full bodied. Great taste of wheated fruit notes and good balance between taste and CO2.

Overall rating 85 / 100

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