H.C. Andersen Brewery – Sommerhvede

H.C. ANDERSEN BREWERY was founded in 2016 by Steen Jensen, located in Odense, Denmark. Steen started out earlier in 2006 with self-brewing classes and brewery, for everyone to come in and brew their own beer/label in small quantities.

This is a wheat beer on a 500 ml glass bottle at 6% alcohol. This beer was given to me as a birthday gift from my family. This beer has snarled heather and orange added to it for aroma and flavor.

Medium sized head with a solid brown foam, it disperses into a thin layer that stays on the beer for a good while.

A beautiful brown beer with a orange shine to it, nice and hazy as a wheat beer should be.

The aroma comes off with a scent of darkness and a wine-like texture. Not so much fruit.

A well-balanced and full bodied tasting experience. Low CO2 plays well with the darkness, sweetness and the wheat. A small amount of citrus, malt and bitterness in the after taste. It should have been advertised as a Dunkel Weissbier, instead of just a wheat beer.

Overall rating 81 / 100

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