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Pocas Junior Porto 20 Years Old Tawny

In 1918 Manoel Domingues Poças Júnior and his uncle established Poças & comandita. Manoel Poças receives the Quinta das Quartas, the first of the company’s wine estate in the Douro, in payment of a debt. In 1959 Manoel’s grandsons Manuel and Jorge Pintão joined the firm. In 1962 the declaration of the first Poças Vintage. In 2006 the company remains on family hands with 4 generations working together.

This 750 ml bottle at 20% was bought in a Danish supermarket at the price of 32 Euro.

Right after opening

Orange, red notes and brown play in the colour. Light and thin curtains on the glass wall.

Dried fruits in the aroma, dominated by alcohol.

Immediately a mouthful of raisins, sweet and with a suitable length of after taste. Some alcohol.

Intermediate rating 88 / 100

21 hours after opening

Colour and aroma unchanged.

Much more pak and barrel in the taste, mild alcohol and less warm. Smooth and sweet taste.

Overall rating 90/100

Sandeman – 20 Year Old Tawny Port


I bought this 20 year old tawny port at the Bilka supermarket in Odense, Denmark at the price of 25 Euro for a 750 ml bottle.


Clear orange in the colour and with thin and watery curtains on the glass.

Heavy aroma of dried fruits, some alcohol but a fine and pure aroma.

Light bodied, refreshing and yet with dried fruits, suitable length on the after taste compromised of mature raisins, slightly spiced, some alcohol and a hint of oak.

Good tawny to the price.

Overall rating 87 / 100

Cálem – 20 Years Old Tawny Port

GS6A1791From left to right: LBV2007, LBV1997, 20 year Tawny and Fine Ruby.

To learn more about Cálem, read my article from visiting the wine producer: Visiting Calem in Porto

I tasted this 20 year old tawny port at Cálem in Porto, Portugal.

Colour is compromised of brown notes that places it just out of the red scale.

The aroma is characterized by fig and alcohol.

The taste starts out with a sharp alcohol that very fast goes into dried fruits taste that ends up with some caramel in the after taste.

Overall rating 89 / 100

Ramos Pinto – RP20



To learn more about Ramos Pinto, read my article from visiting the wine producer: http://www.disorder.dk/2013/09/11/visiting-ramos-pinto-in-porto/

I tasted this 20 years old tawny at Ramos Pinto in Porto, Portugal.

The colour is where brown and red meets for a beutiful composition.

The aroma is dominated by caramel.

A sharp tannin in the start goes right into a lovely dried fruits taste and with a after taste that not only last longer than the RP10 but is also a bit more complex.

Overall rating 90 / 100