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Einstök Ölgerd – Icelandic White Ale


Einstok brewery opened in 2010 and is located 100 kilometers south of the Arctic circle in the fishing port of Akureyri, Iceland.

I bought this beer at the Salling store in Aarhus, Denmark at the price of 3 Euro for a 330 ml bottle at 5,2%.

Beautiful light yellow and white in the colour.

Medium head with a fine top that stays on the beer.

Sourish and sweet fruit aroma coming off with a medium strength.

Good CO2, fresh and fruity with sweet and light hops in the after taste.

Overall rating 82 / 100

Kiuchi Brewery – Kitachino Nest – White Ale


Kiuchi Brewery is a brewery in Naka, Ibaraki Prefecture, Japan. It was established in 1823 by village headman Kiuchi Gihei as a sake and shochu producer. Craft beer production began in 1996 after a change in Japanese law governing micro brewing.

I bought this beer at the Salling store in Aarhus, Denmark at the price of 4,5 Euro for a 330 ml bottle at 5,5%.

White to light yellow in the colour and slightly hazy.

Small head that quickly disappears.

Light hops and sourish aroma.

Light CO2, sweet and fresh fruit with a sourish finish, some wheat in the after taste.

Overall rating 73 / 100

Munkebo mikrobryg – Hejmdal coconut wheat ale


Munkebo mikrobryg is a micro brewery with a capacity of 13.5 hectolitre. Located in Munkebo, Denmark and was founded in 2013.

I bought this wheat ale in Vinens Verden in Odense, Denmark at the price of 4,5 Euro for a 330 ml bottle at 5,2%.

Beautiful orange colour to this unfiltered beer and really thick flowing.

Medium head with super fine bubbles.

Very hoppy aroma with a weak hint of fruit.

Low CO2, hops, sweet toned with a bitter bite. Wheat and coconut does not quite get out as much as it could and maybe should to live up to the title.

Overall rating 73 / 100

Jacobsen – Velvet Ale


Found in a local supermarket in Denmark at 2,75 Euro for a 5,9% 750 ml bottle.

At the age of 24 J.C. Jacobsen starts the brewery Carlsberg in 1847 on Valby bakke. In the pursuit of brewing the best beer he develops breakthrough methods for refining the yeast in his laboratory. In 2005 the Carlsberg group opens up a small experimental brewery in the old original buildings used by J.C. Jacobsen, a small brewery made to experiment with developing new types of beer.

A bright white sparkling winelike beer fills the glass and gives the impression of sparkling wine.

The head structure is light bubbles that soon disappear.

A different kind of beer, it is descibed as velvet, winelike and without bitterness. This is one of the few times where I agree with what is written on the label. It is a pleasure to drink, resembles white wine without bitternes, something to enjoy.

A good and different beer that is everything you would expect and to the price it is excelent!

Overall rating is 81 / 100