Gundestrup – Æble-hvede øl


Gundestrup dairy and brewery is located in Gundestrup, Fyn, Denmark. Gundestrup dairy was founded in 1888 and operated as a cooperative movement dairy up until 1983. In 2007 it was decided by the owner Jørgen Hoff that beer should also be brewed at the dairy.

I bought this apple wheat beer on a 500 ml bottle 5,5% at the price of 6 Euro in a cheese shop in Odense, Denmark.

Yellow to orange hazy beer with a thick flowing feel to it.

Great big head with a massive foam and fine bubbles.

Aroma comes off with a hoppy sweet fruit and a tickle of apples.

Low CO2, hoppy, light bitterness and a little sweetness in the after taste. The idea of adding 20% apple raw juice to the brew works well compared to other beers with added fruit juices, but its wheat part is underplayed and comes off a little too hoppy.

Overall rating 74 / 100

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