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Gundestrup – Æble-hvede øl


Gundestrup dairy and brewery is located in Gundestrup, Fyn, Denmark. Gundestrup dairy was founded in 1888 and operated as a cooperative movement dairy up until 1983. In 2007 it was decided by the owner Jørgen Hoff that beer should also be brewed at the dairy.

I bought this apple wheat beer on a 500 ml bottle 5,5% at the price of 6 Euro in a cheese shop in Odense, Denmark.

Yellow to orange hazy beer with a thick flowing feel to it.

Great big head with a massive foam and fine bubbles.

Aroma comes off with a hoppy sweet fruit and a tickle of apples.

Low CO2, hoppy, light bitterness and a little sweetness in the after taste. The idea of adding 20% apple raw juice to the brew works well compared to other beers with added fruit juices, but its wheat part is underplayed and comes off a little too hoppy.

Overall rating 74 / 100

Bryggeriet Skovlyst – Skovbærhvede


The brewery Skovlyst was founded in 2004 and is located in Hareskoven,Værløse, Denmark. Since the 2007 the large batches of beer is brewed on license in Poland. Only limited edition, draft beer and beer for the restaurant is still made at the brewery in Denmark.

I was given this beer as a gift, it can be bought in supermarkets in Denmark. It is a 330ml bottle at 2,7%.

Dark red, rosa and brown in the colour.

A low head that disappears into a thin layer.

Sour berries aroma with a hint of hops.

Dead CO2, the taste of forest berries is nauseating and lasts for what seems way too long and the hint of beer in the taste does nothing good for the combination.

Overall rating 58 / 100