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Blue Moon – Belgian White

Blue Moon Belgian White was originally called Bellyslide Belgian White, by brewer Keith Villa at Sandlot Brewery, Denver, Colorado, USA. This is owned by the Molson Coors corporation and the exported beers are most likely brewed at the Molson Brewery in Montreal, Quebec, Canada.

This beer comes in a 500 ml can at 5.4% alcohol level. I hope I got it cheap.

The beer is thick flowing as porridge, unfiltered yellow and no foam head at all.

Aroma reminds me more of a orange juice than a beer. Has some fresh, even going towards chemical, notes of whatever that is.

Simply a bad tasting experience. No balance between the taste notes and it just feels like a watery mixture of oranges and chemicals.

Overall rating 54 / 100

Mongozo Buckwheat White Beer

Huyghe Brewery is a brewery founded in 1906 by Leon Huyghe in city of Melle in East Flanders, Belgium. They have a product line called Mongozo.

I bought this organic, gluten free, fair trade white wheat beer in a 330 ml bottle at 4,8%, at a wine shop at the price of 4 Euro.

Yellow in the colour with a white touch to it.

Medium sized head with a fine structure and top.

Flowers and fruit comes off in a good composition in the aroma, suitable in strength, the flowery part is not dominant over the fruit.

Drinking and tasting starts with a relatively flat CO2, a somewhat confused impression from the flower, wheat and hops composition. One of the few things that drags this beer in the right direction is it being organic.

Overall rating 71 / 100